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Océane Fouet puts her art at the service of a cause: the fight against intra-family violence. A trained psychologist, she seeks to explore its roots: “ I believe that violence is not just violence. It happens in a story, in a past, in a childhood sometimes. For me there are many things, that's why I put colors and matter in my paintings”.
However, she has long buried her artistic soul in her deep countryside in Metropolitan France. She came out of her den during a trip to Huahine. The mana of marae Maeva and the paintings of Bobby Holcomb pushed him to get involved and to transcribe violence in families, but not only that. The psycho-criminologist paints resilience in her works.

The painter also sees in it love, strength and forgiveness. “The people I've met over the past few years in Tahiti are incredibly strong and beautiful, that's what I wanted to convey in this work”.

“Getting strength out of your traumas, moving forward: that’s resilience”

Oceane Whip

The psychologist finds in her paintings the stories of people in pain. To preserve herself, she reveals herself and uses art to liberate, soothe and liberate the therapist.

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