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"She is a therapist. Océane Fouet is a psychologist by profession, specializing in criminology, sexual and domestic violence... She feels the need to transcribe in her own way the ills, the energies, the struggles of the victims and perpetrators of violence. A very personal way which consists in painting and coloring canvases, but also in embellishing them with various materials. " I create portraits using various artistic techniques ", she describes. The textures are varied, the details rich. They do not appear, for some , only to those who take the time to examine them. They are currently on display at the Walk of Arts gallery in Papeete.

A world arises
Océane Fouet uses oil and acrylic, but also wood, fabric, canvas, cellophane, plastic or onion fillets... hand and that I imagine I can use one day .” Then, when the time comes, she rummages in what seems to be a treasure box, she cuts, glues, places various elements all around the lines already frozen on the board. And then a world arises.
His canvases are concentrates of colors and energy, patterns and shapes that speak of pain, suffering but also the struggles, the power of those who overcome the shocks of their lives to (re)build their being. They are “ what's left of the stories I hear; they are my way of seeing ”.

Océane Fouet observes with admiration and on a daily basis, a multitude of journeys. However, the trajectories have one thing in common. “ All people who are abused or violent show remarkable resilience. They overcome trauma. They are endowed with great strength .” According to her, the family, but also the elements, nature, the sea are all resources on which the people followed draw to get by. “ And that's why there are so many colors, flowers, foliage and references to nature or the sea in my paintings .”

To liberate oneself

The portraits, thus embellished, can be inspired by one or more people. They are accompanied, for the current exhibition, by a sentence. For example, Océane Fouet took up these words of Hautiare: “ All the flowers stroll to give way to the following ones. “The artist is keen to lift taboos, to encourage people to speak out, to encourage as many people as possible to free themselves.

His art remained confidential for many years. “ Only a very close circle of friends and members of my family knew that I painted ”, says Océane Fouet. Decisive encounters have led her to say and show."
Journalist: Delphine BARRAIS, March 05, 2023
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