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After a first public exhibition in July 2022, the painter and psychologist Océane Fouet returns to with new portraits that she exhibits this time at the Walk of Arts gallery in Papeete. Rather than violence, the artist wanted to focus on the theme of "The resilience of the Maohi"
She takes a liking to it and so does the public. Océane Fouet exhibits her works for the second time in less than a year. Indeed until last July, this psychologist specializing in criminology, had never dared to reveal her work to the public. “I've always drawn, always created a little bit, but we never show it,” she confides. A modesty that has partly faded by seeing the emotion that his works give off to those around him. Relatives who convinced him to introduce his meaningful productions to the general public. She then took the plunge and exhibited a first collection of portraits, called “Here ma te hae – Loving with violence” at the Art'griculture concept store, last July. “I found it too intimate, adds Océane again. They were fragments of life that were delivered to me and that touched me” . Portraits but also written testimonies that she backs up to each work and that leaves no one indifferent.

In the continuity of this first exhibition, this time it offers around thirty paintings on the theme of “Resilience of the maohi – Noa atu te mauiui a nu'nu”. Or the ability of Polynesians to cope with trauma. "This work, it really addresses the resources of the ta'ata tahiti to get out of it", explains the psychologist. Oil or acrylic paint on wood, fabrics and other supports with "always portraits" but also the presence of elements of the earth, the ocean, animals, tupuna and everything related to family. Elements which, according to Océane Fouet, are key tools for achieving resilience.

April 2023

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